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Feelings Lagoon autumn-spring set

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Feelings Lagoon autumn-spring set
  • Feelings Lagoon autumn-spring set
Discount: 27.44

Laguna 2 parts summer set with functional fibre filling, with gift small pillow, from Feelings.

  • The set contains a 135x200cm duvet (600g), which is accompanied by a medium and a small pillow (550g + 250g). 


    Cover material: 50% eco cotton, 50% recycled polyester


    Filling: 100% recycled polyester


    Producer: Billerbeck



    135x200 cm - duvet (600 g)

    50x70 cm - medium pillow (550 g)

    + GIFT 36x48 cm - small pillow (250 g)




    Everything we do leaves a mark on the world. It depends on the ordinary decisions of our lives how we shape our planet.


    Today, a generation has grown up who strives to take on a demanding and determined responsibility for our environment. We have believed in protecting and keeping clean our borrowed environment from our grandchildren.


    When selecting synthetic raw materials, we switch to “new again” raw materials of full value, high quality and purity without compromise.


    During the development of the products of Billerbeck Budapest Kft., we always introduce leading solutions. By consciously choosing “new again” and degradable materials, we give life a chance.


    It is an honor for us to stay with us.



    It has a several advantages, as its moisture-absording properties are not negligible, it absrorbs almost 65% of its weight. The cotton is wear-proof, its elongation and elasticity is very low. It is extremely pleasant to the touch and also skin-friendly, which is why we all love it.



    How to wash?


    • Machine wash at a maximum of 60 oC
    • Bleach only with oxidising agents that do not contain chlorine
    • Drum dry with a gentle programme (at low temperature)
    • Do not iron
    • Caution is needed when washing. Only use solvents, listed at "P" . Do not add too much wash additive. Do not rub it too hard. Dry at room temperature.
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