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Mosen Signora mattress 90x200 cm DISPLAY PIECE!

Mosen Signora mattress 90x200 cm DISPLAY PIECE!
Discount: 360.35

Mosen Signora is a 21 cm high, premium category memory mattress.

Display piece! This price is for 1 piece only!

  • Mattress structure:

    • 11 cm, high durability polyuretane foam: 35kg/m3
    • 5 cm high memory foam: 85kg/m3
    • 5 cm high memory foam: 110kg/m3


    Cover: removable, washable

    We recommend this mattress to those, who adore memory foam mattresses and prefer softer sleeping surfaces, but still maximal comfort is still very important for them. By using this mattress, you can prevent numerous health issues (neck pains, back pains...), thanks to its special design. It is like sleeping on a cloud!


  • Brand
    Height (cm)
  • Warranty: 10 years for the mattress core

    No warranty for the mattress cover!

    Delivery time: 1 week

    This is a display piece! The price is for one piece only!


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