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Naturtex 2 pieces children's bed linen set - Baby Star

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Naturtex 2 pieces children's bed linen set - Baby Star
Discount: 12.58

Cotton covered 2 pieces children's bed linen set from Naturtex.

  • Size:

    40x50 cm - pillow cover

    90x130 cm - duver cover


    Covering material:

    100% renforce cotton


    Cotton is a fibrous, natural plant material. One of the most ancient materials, which has been present on the textile market of the world from the very beginning. It has become dominant in the middle of the 18th century, when industrial machines, capable of processing it first appeared. It gave 80% of fibrous material products in the 20th century. Nowadays it became one of the most important materials, since millions of tons of cotton is produced around the world every year, especially in the subtropical zones. 

    It has several advantages, including its excellent moisture absorbency: it is capable of absorbing 65% of its own weight. Cotton is abrasion resistance, its elongation is minimal. It is pleasant to touch and skin-friendly. That is why we all love it. 

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